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  • Pro Membership

    Every month
    Professional Architect Membership Plan
  • Cand. Membership

    Every month
    Canditate Architect Membership Plan
  • Pro Snr Technologist

    Every month
    Professional Senior Architectural Technologist Membership
  • Cand. Snr Tech

    Every month
    Candidate Senior Architectural Technologist Membership Plan
  • Pro Technologist

    Every month
    Professional Architectural Technologist Membership Plan
  • Cand. Technologist

    Every month
    Candidate Architectural Technologist Membership Plan

The Gauteng Institute for Architecture is a voluntary Association run by the profession for the profession. By becoming a member of the Institute, you will be choosing to:

  • Access affordable continual professional development lectures, workshops and seminars.

  • Network with other built environment professionals.

  • Contribute to form a strong lobbying power for the profession to address common issues and concerns.

  • Be profiled and recognised as a contributing professional

GIfA is a representative body to local government, the Universities and technical Universities in Gauteng and the public domain.

We strive to educate, connect and transform the profession.

  • Monthly newsletters focused on current topics, employment opportunities and GIfA events

  • Preferential rates on Professional indemnity

  • Discounts on books and JBCC documents

  • Discounted event rates for our unemployed members

  • Quarterly public exhibitions

  • Assistance on professional queries

  • Representation with both SAIA and SACAP

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