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About Us

The Gauteng Institute for Architecture is one of the oldest architectural organizations in South Africa, founded in 1900 as the Transvaal Institute of Architects. We are a voluntary association affiliated with the South African Institute of Architects and recognised by the South African Council for the Architectural Profession.


Our Mission: To serve our members’ interests and promote a better built environment and a greater awareness of Architecture.

To advance and protect the interests of our members.

Our membership consists of professional architects as full members and affiliate members comprising of candidate architects, technologists, and draughts people based in the Gauteng Region.

We offer continual professional development courses to our members and the public on topics ranging from heritage to professional practice. We do this through webinars, workshops, lectures, tours of iconic buildings, social events and exhibitions. Events aim to create a networking and marketing platform for professionals within the built environment and relevant government bodies and suppliers.

The Gauteng Institute for Architecture promotes inner city regeneration. We strive to be the voice of the profession and an informative platform to the public. Through hosting exhibitions in our office, we educate on architecture’s relevance to the public – its social and environmental impact.

Transformation is a key objective for the GIfA and is driven through education and promotion of the built environment professions.

Our presence in the architecture schools aims to promote cohesion between the practices and the Institutes of learning. We hold regional awards every second year to promote the best architecture in Gauteng.

GIfA aims to create a transformed and united profession by promoting and representing all built environment professionals in Gauteng. We are in partnership with The City of Johannesburg and other local government structures to further promote a united vision of the city and to provide architectural expertise where required.

GIfA recognises social responsibility as a key element of its mandate to benefit society and in particular communities around the greater Johannesburg area.

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