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At GIfA, we believe that transformation is key to preserving our profession. GIfA advocates for equality and equal opportunity -- essential for the sustainability of a profession that appears to be compromised by the disparities within the industry as a whole.

GIfA comprises one of the most transformed Management Executive committees, which is the epitome of leading by example. Our ManCom comprises a diverse group of lateral and open-minded thinkers. We advocate the integration of all races, colours and creeds to contribute to the built environment fabric.

We view transformation not just in racial terms but as the unified front of diverse people changing how things are usually carried out. We appeal to all professionals to heed the call for transformation in the interest of society as a whole.

GIfA is committed to elevating the profession through transformation, collaboration and advocacy. We have set up a dedicated transformation committee to further the principles of transformation to ensure that the profession becomes more cohesive and integrated.

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