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Role of the Principal Agent

What happens when a principal agent discharges his/her duties in a manner which clearly demonstrate incompetence and lack of skill? Or worse, blatantly and unashamedly act prejudicial towards one party at the expense of the other? 

There is a very important legal backdrop to this question.  A principal agent has two primary duties:

  • The first is to act and carry out his/her assigned duties with reasonable skill and care while exercising reasonable and professional judgement, In other words, their judgement cannot be interfered with by the employer. This is a contractual and common law duty that we cannot escape as professionals, even if you are part of the employer’s organisation!

  • Secondly, they must protect the employer’s interest.


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On Copyright

Copyright in architecture is often misunderstood even by the very same professionals operating in the building industry. Just as copyright applies to literature, music, and works of art, it also applies to architecture and the drawings associated with such. The specific building style and lay-out becomes a signature of the architect. Copying of the designs constitutes copyright infringement and still it occurs on a daily basis. Perhaps more difficult to spot than a blatant replica of a building or design, many buildings feature the same elements brought in by a specific architect without the project managers or designers having obtained the permission from the architect to use such in their designs.

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