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The Management Committee (ManCom)

GIfA ManCom consists of the President Olivier Galenge, Vice President Janet Saaiman, Treasurer Daniel van der Merwe, Deputy Treasurer Nick Mallandain, Co-opted ManCom Member Nadira Haripersadh and GIfA Secretary Nora Heredia. 



·       To manage and direct the affairs of the region and take such steps as may be deemed necessary to achieve its objectives

·       To attend to SACAP and SAIA matters

·       To enforce the SAIA Code of Ethics

·       To review and adhere to the GIfA Constitution and Bylaws

·       To oversee the development and implementation of Policies and Procedures.

·       To liaise with GIfA convenors and Committees and support their initiatives



·       To actively serve our members’ interests and promote a better-built environment and a greater awareness of Architecture.

·       To advance and protect the interests of our members.

·       To ensure GIfA stays relevant and grows

Education Committee

The Education Committee aims to enhance the growth of intellectual capital through platforms of Education for the profession. The main objective is educating the public and our professionals about Architecture and growing networks both horizontally (from professional to professional) and vertically (from learners / students to professionals). 



·       Ensure that the committee is aligned with GIfA’s transformation policy and values 

·       Identifying, creating and facilitating engaging and critical learning events  and workshops for the industry which are CPD accredited 

·       Maintain an active student body and educate them about GIfA 

·       Promote GIfA student membership 

·       Ensure GIFA involved in prize-giving of UJ and WITS 

·       Ensure that GIfA engages with Wits and UJ in their  current transformation conversations 

·       Supply learners with information about the profession and involve them in the Institute 



·       Ensure GIfA remains relevant 

·       Develop a mentorship system where learners, students and professionals can be matched 

·       Create and promotes bursaries 

·       Get GIfA SETA accredited through a post-University course (jointly CPD accredited for young professionals) 

·       To bridge the educational gap that exists within the architectural profession (especially from a previously disadvantaged background).

Professional Practice Committee


The Professional Practice Committee has been established to assist, clarify, and disseminate information relating to regulations, standards, fees and good practice procedures. 



  • Ensure that the committee is aligned with GIfA’s transformation policy and values 

  • Take interest in issues relating to transformation in the industry 

  • To liaise with the South African Council for Architectural Professionals (SACAP) and other bodies about fee guidelines, codes of conduct, identification of work, built environment legislation etc. 

  • To liaise with the Department of Public Works (DPW) 

  • To host monthly practice breakfasts and to source relevant speakers for these events.  

  • To review professional practice CPD points offered by GIfA for practice-related events. 



  • To ensure that GIfA remains relevant and well represented within the build environment. 

  • To create Professional Practice webinars/ other means to disseminate knowledge and awareness around the practice of architecture within legal parameters. 

  • To continue to represent the best interests of the region at a national level with regards to the above.


Habitat Committee


The Habitat portfolio’s mandate is to create public awareness of our environment through critically looking at, dissecting and exposing the parallel elements of our natural and physical environment. The focus is on the role of the architectural profession in the creation of sustainable cities and living environments. 


The 2022 Habitat Committee intends to build on the platform established under Nadia Tromp during her time as convenor. 

The core driver of this committee is the recognition of the rapidly accelerating rates of people living in urban areas and the role architects can play in leading change that enables communities to build sustainable futures by promoting the development of safe, resilient and inclusive city environments as set out by the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  


Purpose and Charge / Aims:   

  • Ensure that the committee is aligned with GIfA’s transformation policy and values  

  • To recognise architectural work at a regional level that is setting a precedent in the creation of transformative, responsive and inclusive city environments  

  • Ensure that GIfA  is an active member in the transformation of our urban contexts (especially the inner- city )  

  • To advance the architect’s role in innovating spatial and social justice through collaboration with adjacent professions    

  • To build better relationships with government structures and to start lobbying for the importance of architects in the planning of housing developments and sustainable urban environments 


Goals for 2022 

  • To use the database resulting from the 2020 COVID-19 CA+HR task team’s call for volunteers (architects, engineers, and students) to promote GIfA membership through their participation and inclusion in planned events 

  • To create platforms that enable public and professional engagement in order to educate and emphasise the significance of an architect’s role within society    

  • To continue to build meaningful and strong relationships with various governmental departments 


Heritage Committee

The Heritage Committee creates awareness of heritage, both within the architectural community and within the public in Gauteng.  It makes architectural heritage accessible, understandable, and relevant to the Johannesburg public and architects.

It performs its mandate by positioning heritage as more than just nostalgic elements in our city –making it interesting; helping to define a Johannesburg-specific approach to heritage; becoming a resource for further interest; and becoming a platform for discussion through CPD events, workshops, and tours. 



  • Ensure that the committee is aligned with GIfA’s transformation policy and values  

  • Take interest in issues relating to transformation in the industry 

  • Hosting Heritage Day activities 

  • Planning and conducting heritage tours, workshops, and seminars 

  • Reviewing and commenting on Heritage projects 

  • Ensure that natural habitats are conserved 

  • Representing GIfA on relevant boards/ committees such as the Gauteng Heritage Resources Authority (PHRAG) 



  • Ensure GIfA remains relevant 

  • Create a commentary body 

  • Investigate the placing of heritage buildings of merit, or specific interest in the province


Marketing Committee and Sub-Committees



The Marketing Committee is responsible for the digital dissemination of information to GIfA members, the architectural profession at large, the built environment professionals in South Africa, as well as to the public. Forging networks with other participants of Johannesburg's spatial and cultural context, the marketing committee aims to position GIfA as the architecture resource of choice with valuable content, enlightening events, opportunities to network, build and grow relationships within the built environment.  



  • Ensure that the committee is aligned with GIfA’s transformation policy and values  

  • Take interest in issues relating to transformation in the industry 

  • Ensure that significant days related to architecture and transformation are acknowledged and celebrated. 

  • Produce monthly newsletters and weekly newsflashes. 

  • Manage and execute the marketing media plan including campaigns, sponsorships, and urgent notices. 

  • Assist with advertising of architecture-related events and tours hosted for heritage, arts & culture and CPD objectives.  

  • Strategic marketing of GIfA-hosted events 

  • Ensure GIfA is marketed to students, professionals and the public 

  • Ensure that the website is updated regularly with new content. 

  • To voice and acknowledge the current gender and race inequalities that exist within the industry 




  • Ensure that GIfA disseminates relevant, current and architecture-related information.  

  • Promotes GIfA in an efficient and professional manner. 

  • Update the digital experience of both members and the public 

  • Review and assesses membership benefits and disseminate this information to members and potential members. 

  • To position GIfA as a reliable and valuable source of information. 



Events (a Sub-Committee of Marketing)

The events sub-committee has been created to aid with the planning and execution of events within the GIfA organisation.  



  • To assist convenors with the planning and process protocols required for the creation of new events.  

  • To ensure that GIfA presents a series of annual exhibitions which speak about architecture to the public. 

  • To assist in the planning of interactive tours which cover sustainable, historical, cultural and contemporary architecture.  

  • To assist committee convenors to source international speakers 



  • To facilitate the seamless execution of events under the GIfA portfolio.  

  • To encourage multi-disciplinary collaborations with various disciplines in the built environment 



Sponsorships (a Sub-Committee of Marketing)


  • To build mutually beneficial relationships between GIfA, collaborators, suppliers and other partners within the built environment 

  • To source materials, suppliers and services related to the architectural profession and to find ways to create awareness of the above to the profession.  

  • To create opportunities for businesses to market their products/ services.  



  • To grow the GIfA network of partners and collaborators 

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