The Management Committee

GIfA ManCom consists of the president, vice president, treasurer, deputy treasurer and secretary.

Education Committee

The Education Committee aims to enhance the growth of intellectual capital through platforms of Education for the profession. The main objective is educating the public and our professionals about Architecture and growing networks both horizontally (from professional to professional) and vertically (from learners / students to professionals).


  • Identifying, creating and facilitating engaging and critical learning events /workshops for the industry which are CPD accredited

  • Maintain an active student body and educate them about GIfA

  • Promote GIfA student membership

  • Ensure GIFA involved in prize-giving of UJ and WITS

  • Supply learners with information about the profession and involve them in the Institute


  • Ensure GIfA remains relevant

  • Develop a mentorship system where learners, students and professionals can be matched

  • Create and promotes bursaries

  • Get GIfA SETA accredited through a post University course (jointly CPD accredited for young professionals)

Marketing Committee

The Marketing and Habitat Committee markets GIfA to the public and both existing and future members. Forging networks with other participants of Johannesburg's spatial and cultural context, to position GIfA as the architecture resource of choice.


  • Create and hosts series of annual exhibitions which speak about architecture to the public

  • Host interactive tours which cover sustainable, historical, cultural and contemporary architecture to be co-ordinated with other GIFA portfolios to avoid duplication, as well as, collaborating with Social Housing Focus Trust (SHiFT) on social housing related tours.

  • Organise Mandela Day and World Architecture day activities

  • Run the Regional Awards as well as membership competitions

  • Ensure GIfA is marketed to students, professionals and the public


  • Ensure GIfA remains relevant

  • Investigate community involvement projects

  • Reviews and assesses membership benefits

  • Promotes both GIfA events and those events of interest to our members

  • Sources International speakers

The Heritage and Habitat Committee

The Heritage Committee creates awareness of heritage, both within the architectural community, and within the general public in Gauteng.  It makes architectural heritage accessible, understandable and relevant to Johannesburg public and architects.

It performs its mandate by positioning heritage as more than just nostalgic elements in our city –making it interesting; helping to define a Johannesburg-specific approach to heritage; becoming a resource for further interest; and becoming a platform for discussion through CPD events, workshops and tours.

The Habitat portfolio’s mandate is to create public awareness of our environment through critically looking at, dissecting and exposing the parallel elements of our natural and physical environment. The focus is on the role of the architectural profession in the creation of sustainable cities and living environments.


  • Hosting Heritage Day activities

  • Planning and conducting heritage tours, workshops and seminars

  • Reviewing and commenting on Heritage projects

  • Ensure that natural habitats are conserved

  • Representing GIfA on relevant boards/ committees such as the Gauteng Heritage Resources Authority (PHRAG)


  • Ensure GIfA remains relevant

  • Create a commentary body

  • Investigate the placing of heritage buildings of merit, or specific interest in the province

Professional Practice Committee

The Professional Practice Committee assist, clarify and disseminate information relating to regulations, standards, fees and good practice procedures.


  • Liaise with the South African Council for Architectural Professionals (SACAP) and other bodies about fee guidelines, codes of conduct, identification of work, built environment legislation

  • Liaise with the Department of Public Works (DPW)

  • Hosts monthly practice breakfasts

  • Review professional practice CPD offered by GIfA


  • Ensure GIfA remains relevant

  • Create Prof Prac webinars

  • Aims to represent the best interests of the region at a national level with regards to the above.

  • To get GIfA Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) accredited through a post-university course which is jointly CPD accredited for young professionals.

Transformation Committee

The transformation committee believes that the act of transformation should eventually become the state of normality. This is to say; gone are those days where we view transformation as phenomena set in the future or an un-ending process. For this reason, GIfA has taken the initiative to introduce the Transformation Committee. The committee will work closely with the other GIfA committees.

To be or not to be: that is the question.  The time to be ‘transformed’ was yesterday .The time to be ‘normal’ is now!


  • Ensure that all GIfA committees are aligned with the transformation committee’s values

  • Take interest in the  issues relating to transformation in the  industry

  • Ensure that GIfA engages with  Wits and UJ in their  current transformation conversations  

  • Ensure that GIfA is aware  past, current and future  events that affect our socio-political landscapes

  • Ensure that GIfA  is an active member in the transformation of our urban contexts (especially the inner- city )

  • To voice and acknowledge the current gender and race  inequalities that exist within the industry


  • To bridge the educational gap that exists within the architectural profession (especially from a previously disadvantaged background)

  • Encourage multi-disciplinary  collaborations with various disciplines in the built environment

  • To be agents that facilitate change

  • To document and acknowledge the progress and the rate of transformation in the industry