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 If you don’t wish to Register and Log-in, and just want quick and easy access to purchase PROCSA Agreements for download without all the added e-PROCSA ‘Power’ features. You can now access e-PROCSA ‘Lite’ by clicking below:

e-PROCSA ‘Lite

Both Project and Reference Documents are available within the e-PROCSA ‘Lite’ Service for purchase by Credit / Debit Card.


PROCSA release 4.0 Edition of the Client/Consultant Services Agreements

After almost 2 years of consultation with various role players, PROCSA released Edition 4.0 in October 2017 with the main emphasis being focused around the Terms and Conditions on issues relating to indemnification, assignment, termination and dispute resolution. Various definitions in the process have been either deleted, added or amended. Clauses relating to duration of the agreement, client and consultant obligations, limit of liability, payment, adjustment of fees and disbursements, have all had significant changes for the better

The following PROCSA Agreements are currently available: Architect ● Civil Engineer ● Electrical Engineer ● Fire Consultant ● Landscape Architect ● Structural Engineer ● Quantity Surveyor ● Project Manager ● Mechanical Engineer ● Wet Services Engineer ● Fire Consultant ● Construction Health & Safety ● Interior Designer ● Development Manager ● Principal Agent(only) ● Blank

All earlier and current Editions of the PROCSA Agreements are available at reduced cost for Reference purposes, a Matrix of services by discipline and by stage, together with a Combined Suite containing all the disciplines is also available to purchase for Reference purposes.


The Documents within e-PROCSA ‘Power’ are purchased through the use of prepaid credits by credit card or EFT.

e-PROCSA ‘Power’


  • Purchase
  • Create
  • Complete
  • Duplicate
  • Collaborate
  • Store

The e-PROCSA ‘Power’ Service provides the facility to enter new Project information once and have it automatically populate the fields within whichever Suite of Documents you purchase e.g. PROCSA, JBCC, Health and Safety, NBR etc.

You can invite Consultants to populate their contact details directly into the online database.

Completed Agreements with their content can be copied across Discipline and/or Project. A Collaboration feature for Document completion or view by other team members through& e-mail invitation is available. Agreements are stored online within a user specific Project folder with full revision control and providing unlimited printing.  Electronic copies can be saved locally and/or emailed to yourself a pdf attachment.





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