SACAP call to serve as Validation Panel members

(re-advertisement): Call for Registered Architectural Professionals to serve as Validation Panelmembers

In terms of Section 13(a) of the Architectural Profession Act Council, may “subject to sections 5 and 7 of the Higher Education Act, 1997 (Act No.101 of 1997), conduct accreditation visits to any educational institution which has a department, school or faculty of architecture, but must conduct at least one such visit during its term of office; (b) either conditionally or unconditionally grant, refuse or withdraw accreditation to all institutions and their educational programmes with regards to architecture. ”

SACAP is expected to visit the Architectural Learning Sites (ALSs’) at least once in a five (5) year cycle. SACAP appoint a panel to constitute a board. The Visiting Board that visits the ALS consists of three (3) professionals and two (2) academics within the architectural profession. The Visiting Board is drawn from the names of the Validation Panel members.

Therefore, the 5 Term Council invites registered architectural professionals and academics to submit their application to be considered as a possible member to serve on the Validation Board.

Due to this notice being a re-advertisement, please do not apply if you already have.


1. Must be registered as a Professional in one (1) of the four (4) categories of registration with SACAP;
2. Experience as Lecturer or Associate lecturer for 3 years or more will be an advantage;
3. Applicants must be in good standing with SACAP and must have a full understanding of the regulatory environment.

Applicants are requested to submit their applications to SACAP NO LATER THAN 16:00 ON FRIDAY, 28 FEBRUARY 2020.

Applications should consist of the following (in the order indicated):
1. A letter of application (maximum two pages) explaining the applicant’s reason for applying for the appointment as a Validation Panel member and the value he/she could add to SACAP in this regard;
2. An abridged CV (a maximum of three pages) highlighting his/her academic qualifications, professional registrations, expertise and experience;
3. Three contactable referees with full names, designation, organisation, e-mail address and office and cell phone numbers.

As part of the appointment process SACAP reserves the right to request applicants to provide certified copies of qualifications and any other additional information or documentation considered necessary.